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Diesel Engine Technology

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Diesel Engine Technology

Diesel Engine Technology
The diesel engine technology program at DCCTC provides a broad foundation in the diesel repair field by preparing students for entry-level positions in heavy duty diesel vehicle repair. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to completely disassemble, measure and inspect, reassemble, start and monitor running engine performance parameters.

Career Fields Include:
Diesel Technician, Heavy Equipment Technician, Marine Engine Technician

Diesel Engine Technology I

Credits:  2
Prerequisite:  None
Site:  DCCTC
Level 1 provides a broad foundation in the diesel repair industry by preparing students for entry-level positions in the field of heavy duty diesel vehicle repair. Students gain skills in engine repair, fuel supply and management, suspension and brakes, hydraulics systems operation, and lighting and instrumentation. Using technician hand tools and gauges, students learn how to accurately measure critical engine parts. Shop safety is emphasized while students learn truck preventative maintenance and gain exposure to all other technical areas of the vehicle. Students entering this program should exhibit mechanical aptitude, the ability to read and follow instructions as outlined in service repair manuals, and enjoy precision work and problem solving. A $20 lab fee is required for this course.

Diesel Engine Technology II

Credits:  2     
Prerequisites:  Diesel Engine Technology I
Site:  DCCTC 
Prerequisite: Automotive Technology 1 or Diesel Technology 1 with a grade of 78 or higher. Students learn the function of engine components and principles of operation of a medium duty V8 diesel engine. They completely disassemble, measure and inspect critical engine wear parts, reassemble, start and monitor running engine performance parameters. Students learn how to perform engine diagnostics and are challenged with more individual lab activities including vehicle preventative maintenance, transmission, steering, suspension, and brake systems. Shop safety is emphasized and stressed. This course is designed for students who want to pursue a career in the diesel technology industries. A $20 lab fee is required for this course.

Diesel Engine Technology III – Work Based Learning

Credits: 1
Grade 12 
Prerequisite: Student must have completed Diesel Engine Technology I & II at DCCTC as well as have a satisfactory instructor recommendation.
Students who have completed diesel engine technology I & II at DCCTC and desire work experience in the field may choose to further enhance their skills by enrolling in our work-based learning course. Students will learn daily duties and participate in on-site training. Students must provide their own transportation to work sites.


Alan Wenzel

“I thoroughly enjoy working with young adults. Among the most important concepts that an educator can instill in his students is to provide them with the confidence to accept the challenges required to be successful in the future work environment.”

Alan Wenzel majored in Mechanical Engineering at Drexel University.  He is a 26-year retired veteran of the US Air Force where he accumulated 5000 flying hours as a Flight Engineer on C-141’s, including nearly 200 combat flying hours. He has more than 14 years of experience as a Diesel Engine Technician at the SC Department of Education School Bus Repair Facility.  He is highly experienced in the trouble shooting and repair of diesel engines, transmissions, air brakes and electrical systems.  Before coming to DCCTC, he was the foreman of the Summerville School Bus Maintenance Shop where he was responsible for 225 school buses and all of the repair technicians.  He competed and won two 1st place awards in the statewide school bus technician competition which sent him to represent the state of South Carolina in the National competition.

Diesel Technology Teacher Alan Wenzel


Diesel Engine Technology


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