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Masonry is one of the earliest trades in the history of civilization and continues to offer the building blocks of the construction industry.  According to the United States Department of Labor, masonry employment is projected to increase 34 percent from 2012-2022 due to population growth and the resulting need for more schools, hospitals, homes and other buildings.

Career Fields Include:
Masonry Worker

Masonry I

Credits:  2
Prerequisite:  None
Site:  DCCTC

Level 1 students learn to use masonry tools and equipment safely and efficiently. Classroom instruction includes the history of brick laying as well as proper masonry techniques. Under the direction of a skilled mason, students learn to construct walls, partitions and other structures from brick, block and related materials using a hands-on approach.  Students learn to follow specific, precise instructions, make accurate calculations, and judge straight lines and space proportions.

Masonry II

Credits:  2
Prerequisite:  None
Site:  DCCTC
Level II students master advanced masonry skills and techniques and complete a variety of highly skilled field experiences. Students read blueprints in order to lay brick, stone and structural tile and create marble fireplaces. They also learn to build residential and commercial buildings according to federal and state codes.

Masonry III – Work Based Learning

Credits: 1
Grades 11- 12 
Prerequisite: Student must have completed Masonry I & II at DCCTC as well as have a satisfactory instructor recommendation.

Students who have completed Masonry I & II at DCCTC and desire work experience in the field may choose to further enhance their skills by enrolling in our work-based learning course. Students will learn daily duties and participate in on-site training. Students must provide their own transportation to work sites.


Anthony Wilson

“I enjoy teaching a trade that will lead students to be productive members of society.”

Mr. Wilson has 28 years of experience in the construction trades and is the owner of SKAD Construction.  He has been a masonry instructor for 15 years.



South Carolina Technical School


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